Exquisite Dinning Options

An exquisite love story requires exquisite effort for two people to keep the flame of their love alive. Take that extra step, walk that extra mile - because when you finally sit back enjoy the view of how far you have come, the only thng you will see is infinite love, just like the endless ocean. Take your partner on an exquisite dining date and celebrate your love.

Yacht Surprise

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go away on a private cruise with the one you love? The endless ocean stretching ahead, just like all the possibilities of the beautiful future you seek. Here's your chance to have the eperfect getaway expereince.

Up Above The Sky

How about having a bird's eye view of the city or a panoramic view of the coastline?? Now enjoy a thrilling joyride in a helicopter that flies 1000 Feet above the city and experience a breathaking view of Mumbai and the famous iconic spots here! We bet its gonna be once in a lifetime experience

Room Decor

Monotony is one reason why people get bored of each other. Spice up your romantic evening by bringing your partner on the red carpet to a lovely room full of dim lit fairy lights, balloons, flowers, banners and photos.

Up the romance by adding helium balloon, lanterns, paper decor, and polaroid photos!

Movie Date

Who said going to the movies with your significant other is boring? Take your partner out on a movie date and surprise them every step of the way!
From having a popcorn served at your seat, to having little gifts given every hour, along with a celebratory cake - your partner will love the movie date more than ever!


Dinner Date

Imagine this - you, your date, smell of food and the sound of the ocean. Like it? Do it!

Date Night

All things are made more beautiful when you have the view from the top. Make your date special and exclusive by planning it by the pool, while you enjoy the breathtaking view of the city lights.

Coffee Date

Generally overlooked, coffee dates are usually not given the credit they deserve. Although coffee is a hug in itself, take it a notch higher by surprising your loved one with customized cards, their favorite coffee and a dessert (or two, who's counting?)

Baby Shower Decor

Welcoming a little bundle of love is as joyous as it is stressful. Let us take some of that stress and give you the perfect baby shower.