A to Z Cards

There aren't enough words in the English language to express your love. But you have 26 letters, and word for each of those 26 letters to tell them everything you love about them.

Mirror Card

For the Snow White or the Prince who saves her, this fairy tale card is all you need to make your loved one smile from ear to ear.

Reasons why I love you

A million reasons would also not be enough to justify your love for them.. So we came up with a solution. Lets pen down a few and we would roll them for you to be nicely presented in a glass bottle with some feathers too!

Specifications : Ideally 60 chits would fit appropriately. Can add upto maximum 100 reasons. After the order being placed, you will receive a mail in which 100 reasons would be penned down for your convenience. You can modify as per your requirements.

Open when cards

Wish to plan a treasure hunt? Or want to write more than one message? Want it colourful or dual tone? We do it all! A set of 8 cards with all customized situations and messages making it fun and quirky for any celebration..!

Specifications : Size of cards - _____________________, Insert cards are not openable.

Scrapbook (Medium Size)

Gather all the pictures you can. Pen down all your emotions and even of those people who mean a lot to the person you’re doing this for! This scrapbook can hold 35-50 photos and 15-25 messages depending upon the size you want! Because we know how special those memories are to you and we would be glad to help you preserve it in a better way!

Handcrafted with Love!

Specifications : Sizes available would be 0.75 feet and 1 feet.

I love you with all my senses

We know you love him/her so much! You love someone with all your senses! And even more ... handcrafted for that one special person of your life!! The ONE who gives you butterflies and makes your heart spin!

Specifications : This hamper includes 5 gifts . One for each human sense as mentioned below.

See : A portrait painting/sunglasses/a customized short video

Hear : A voice note or song sung by you in a customized CD/Earphones/Music CD with 10 songs you wish to dedicate

Touch : A Spa kit/Grooming kit/Bathing kit

Smell : Bouquet of fresh flowers/Perfume

Taste : Chocolates/cake/brownies/Bottle of wine

Please note: Price of the hamper would depend on the gifts you select.


Daaru ki Dukaan

Bhai.. Chal daaru peete hai.. But IN STYLE! Gift this to a Party Animal and make them love you all the more! A few miniatures can make you have a lot of fun (if consumed the right way!!) or you’re surely going to require a Hangover kit too!

Specifications : Approximately 20 miniatures required. Cost of bouquet would vary on the brands of alcohol miniatures selected. Brands of Miniatures in the bouquet depend upon the availability.

Out of the little box

One little box with innumerable memories!! To see a super-exploding smile on their face, check out this mini bomb. Make someone's day better with this because you know what he or she would love the most... GIFTS SPECIALLY MADE FOR THEM!

Specifications : Can hold upto 20 photos and 10 messages. Size depends on customization required.