Big Teddy

Gift your your loved this big cuddly teddy, especially for the one who loves to cuddle. They are just not normal teddy bears, but they are 4 feet to 8 feet tall!!

Love Calendar

Studies suggest that emotions trigger memories. Going by that logic, use this personalized emoji calendar to keep your appointments in check so you never miss out any of the important days! Especially made for the forgetful one!

Accordion Album

It makes for a lovely table piece and flaunts your precious moments to the guests, an accordion album is the perfect gift for a photo-lovin partner!

Specification: Holds about 30 images and messages.

7 Vows of Love

Promises are meant to be broken, but vows are for life. Gift your loved one the 7 Vows of Love and see their lips curl up into the brightest smile ever. Customise your own vows that you want from your partner.

Specificatoins: The red patch on top is given for handprint as a committment from both sides.


Gift this lovely customized sash to your loved one to tell them that they are the Mr/Miss/Mrs. of your Universe. 

Specifications : Cloth used would be satin and name would be embroidered on the same.

Customise Soap

For those of us who hate sharing and are extremely possessive about our belongings, take it a notch higher and get a customised soap, with your name engraved in it and your favourite smell too!

Finger Fun

Take the old path, when finger prints were the official seal instead of signatures. Preserve a mark of every guest visiting your function using this canvas !

Specification : Canvas would be approximately 11*16 inches and 2 ink pads shall be provided along with the canvas. Design may vary based on the theme.

Love Cage

Love is given freely and not caged, but once you give your heart to someone, you're caged forever. Show your love for your partner by gifting them everything cute in a little cage.

Customised Card

Why buy from a store when you can make your own card, with the message customised by you yourself. Card are the ultimate gift for anyone who loves words on paper to express their feelings. Add your personally touch to it and have it made just the way you like it!