Shadow Box

Have a mini projector for your own self in your room.. your message on a blank wall on one side and that special someone on the other.. Isn’t it going to be really good to see that! Cutomize your SHADOW BOX today to put up your message on the wall!

Specifications : Message can be of maximum 4-5 words. Longer the message smaller the font to be put up.

Love Coupons

Customize your set of quirky, fun filled, exciting love coupons. These are a set of promises you make to your loved ones and they can redeem it with you when they wish to. Terms and Conditions would apply as you specify while you gift these to them!

Specifications : Set of 25 coupons in a recangle tin case.

Canvas Painting

Treat them royally by getting their picture painted on canvas!

Specifications : Size of the painting shall be A3 (11*16). Also, paintings may slightly vary from the photograph provided depending on the complexity of the photo. Price may vary depending upon no. of individuals in the photograph provided.

Daaru Ki Dukaan

Bouquet of roses is so 90s. 'Tis the age for a bouquet of boozes.

Break It To Take It

For times when you want to break your head, break this frame instead. There's also your favorite SOS medication there. Geddit?


Specifications : One chocolate bar and one alcohol miniature included

3D Figurine

Long distance or not, we all miss our significant others when they're not around. What if you could have them in the palm of your hand at all times, literally? Get 3D figurines made of your loved one and take them with you wherever you go!

Mommy's Survival Kit

Two mason jars bringing in a lot of love, joy and excitement for the mommy-to-be or a mommy-already !

Specifications : A pain killer, a sanitizer, some wet wipes, a nail paint and nail cutter, an apron, some chocolates and lots of love and kisses!

Secret Love Letter

You have a lot to say but you don’t want anyone to read it! You need to ensure its read by the right person only. This one is going to help you keep your love letter a secret.. Shh..! It will stay between just the two of you’ll!

Specifications : Letter can be of maximum 200 words.

Gift Hamper

No matter the age and amount of denial, all of us absolutely love the idea of receiving several gifts with or without occasion. Surprise your loved one with a big gift hamper and make their day special!

Specification: The hamper can be totally customised with respect to the items required in the hamper.