I love you with all my senses

Product Details :

We know you love him/her so much! You love someone with all your senses! And even more ... handcrafted for that one special person of your life!! The ONE who gives you butterflies and makes your heart spin!

Specifications : This hamper includes 5 gifts . One for each human sense as mentioned below.

See : A portrait painting/sunglasses/a customized short video

Hear : A voice note or song sung by you in a customized CD/Earphones/Music CD with 10 songs you wish to dedicate

Touch : A Spa kit/Grooming kit/Bathing kit

Smell : Bouquet of fresh flowers/Perfume

Taste : Chocolates/cake/brownies/Bottle of wine

Please note: Price of the hamper would depend on the gifts you select.


Product ordered till now :- 5

Price :- 7000 onwards