Surprise Plan

Enter your house like you've entered never before.



Your emotions = Our creativity


Love Coupons

Promised from you to your partner, which can be redeemed any time.


Customised Card

Customise your own card for your loved one's rather than just buying one.


Exclusive Private Dining

Private dining for the partner that deserve private and lavish treatment. Stun them with a view of never ending sea along with mesmerising set up.


Love Calendar

A calendar with all your "personal" dates marked on it.


Big Box Surprise

It's so huge, that you can't really ignore it!


Gift hamper

A set of desired gifts brought together in hamper for your loved ones.


Memory Lane

Time may fade away, but the memories you've made with them will never part away from your heart

  • Love Calender

  • Baby Cake

  • Pin-it-up

  • Memory lane

  • Daaru ki Dukaan

  • Teddy bouquet

  • Nail spa kit

  • Countdown frame


Read a little of what our customers have said about working with Sweet Surprises...

Shraddha Sheth

The familiarity that you guys show while making the things for your clients as if it is for your own friends and people.

Trishala Shinde

They're already perfect. I've had the pleasure of working with them thrice and I've only fallen more in love with them each time

Mihir Shah

I ordered soft toy bouquet for my wife bday..it was very beautiful n my wife loved it .. looking forward to order next time also.. keep it up